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Who started Plantation and Why is it important?

Plantation In India Has A Rich History.
Agriculture In India began in 9000 BCE.
India Had Two Monsoons Causing Harvest Twice In A Year.
If we look at history of forest devlopment then 18th century witnessed scientific forest management systems. The reason taken for these eforts was to make the forest sustainable.
Speaking about current scenario coconut stands at top position 4 million M.T.
coconut is followed by cashewnut,tea,coffee etc.
plantation has many advantages with one being availability of fuits, and raw materials that ensure survivability for human beings.
There has been history of campaigns for planting a sapling.
Nigeria has a campaign named “Tree Planting campaign”, wherein they pledge to plant 25 million trees.
Recently there was a campaign in Uttar Pradesh state of India where in people came to plant 250 millio saplings.
Well while many of the people from India are taking efforts towrds maintaining forest land, one of the many efforts is plantation drives in India.
Tree plantation drives are organized by lot of institutions and other bodies.
Tree plantation drives help to engage people in timely manner and help spread awareness about how important it is for human beings to plant trees.
Some of the fast growing trees in India are jamun, papaya,almond,karanja, etc.
Planting trees also helps environment in quite different ways and helps save the environment.
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