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Education System In Rural Parts Of India

Education System In Rural Parts Of India Well everyone knows and many even talk about how important it is for a child to get educated in order for him to prosper along with society. Education is quite important as it facilitates social and economic progress. We do have examples of how well educated individuals have attained great heights. But we as a society are surely not giving our best to provide education to rural parts of India. Well we lack a lot of things when it comes to providing a flourished education system to our rural areas.
Here are few things we need to improve:-
Well now let’s take a look at data If we take a look at data of 2009-10 then approximately 13 thousand schools were covered and 630+ districts were covered but only 11 thousand + rural schools were covered.
Now it’s time to discuss about possible solution
1.Improve facilities
2.Provide resources
3.Increase volunteers
Exactly did you take a look at 3rd point, we at ATMOS24 do this exact thing. We are group of voluteers that focus towards eucating girl child through our NGO. Feel free to donate, one more thing that we would lke to bring to your notice is we plant trees and aim to plant over millions of trees through our plantation drive.
So go ahead and take a step for a better tomorrow. 
Thank You.