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How tree plantation can help save and preserve our environment

Importance of planting trees? It helps maintain humidity levels in air along with maintaining healthiness of the soil. Trees help regulate water cycle. Well they contribute to maintain quality of air, help in conserving water and providing oxygen. Before we move on let’s discuss some of the facts.

1. If we plant 20 million trees then we will be provided with 260 million tons of oxygen.

2. Trees improve water quality.

3. Nearly 16 billion trees are lost every year due to variety of reasons.

4. A single tree can absorb carbon annually as a car makes while driving 26,000 miles 5.Pine trees can grow on six continents, with Antarctica being the only left out.

Let’s get on details :

1. Air pollution Trees absorb the chemicals in the air though their stomata and helps filtering these that in turn helps in reducing air pollution.

2. Soil health Trees help in increasing soil’s ability to absorb and retain water, produce nutrients for plants and maintain levels of organic matter in soil.

3. Regulate water cycle, Trees help to regulate water cycle.

4. Helps in offsetting carbon. One tree absorbs carbon dioxide at a rate of 48 pounds per year. In 2020 carbon emission fell by 2.3 billion tons.

Today if we plant huge number of trees then just imagine amount of carbon offset that we will reduce per year. Now that we have discussed all this let me tell you that ATMOS24 is on a mission of planting millions and millions of trees across India and flowing air doesn’t have boundaries so those plantations are also going to help you. Well if you want to contribute which i believe you will then kindly consider donating to atmos24. We don’t only pant trees but also use that money to help spread awareness and resources needed for educating girl child. So you are not only donating for environment but also for future of this world so go forward and set an example.

 Thank you so much 🙂