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A beautiful shot of the rays of the sun falling into a forest with tall trees

Invest by planting trees

“When one plants a tree, they plant themselves. Every root is an anchor over which one rests with grateful interests and becomes sufficiently calm to feel the joy of living”-is an old saying by JOHN MIUR.
There is no better way of investment than investing by planting trees. The person will be getting the returns throughout his life of which he has never thought of. Trees are very crucial to our ever-changing life. We all studied and heard from our very childhood how crucial are trees for us. We are aware of the fact that trees maintain our ecological balance, keep the fertility of soil intact, prevent floods, and provide shelter to various species. These are the scientific benefits of planting trees, but in an actual sense, the reason being for our happy and prosperous life is the trees. The food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the balanced temperature of our planet everything we get due to trees that surrounds us.  We can’t even think how stressful our life would have been without trees. Trees are the natural source that improves the quality of air and reduces our stress and depression levels to a great extent.
So, step outside your home, plant trees, and give back to society. There is no better way of giving back to society than planting a tree. Atmos24 Foundation is a leading environmental NGO in India with a Mission to Plant 1 Billion Trees all across Nation. Their prime objective is to ensure a Clean and Green India. Hence, join the ATMOS24 foundation and plant the right kind of trees.